So, basically Raichu, Bullet, and Bey were sitting in beanbags in The Raichu in Sonic Fast Nirvana Wiki, drinking concoctions.

Bullet: o3o

Raichu: ok bullet stop

Bullet: nu

Bey: ...

Then suddenly a pug comes out of nowhere, riding an umbrella.

Pug: weeeeee- OH HI GUYS WHATS UP!?!?!

Raichu: Pug how did you get here

Pug: idk i was just riding my umbrella when suddenly, BAM! Raichu and Bullet and some other person are sitting in beanbags.

Bullet: hai pug o3o

Bey: ...

Raichu: Well pug pls go away.

Pug: t-t OK :( t-t bye

Pug leaves.

Bey: Who the *pork* was that nerd?

Raichu and Bullet look at eachother, then look back at Rai and say "i dunno lol"

THE ENDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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